Group Healing programs begin every two weeks starting April 15th, 2020 and run for 12 consecutive weeks.  Once all legal forms have been read, electronically signed, returned to Sunny and you have paid your first installment of $500, more contect will be sent through email to you to get you ready for the beginning of the program. 

You will be billed $500 per month for six consecutive months totalling $3000. 

This program includes direct access to Sunny through weekly group check-ins and weekly personal check-ins.  Much contect is sent before the beginning of the program to keep spirits high!  You will receive weekly emails after we start including motivational audios, grocery lists for the next week, alternative therapies to use, and videos.  You will receive a package prior to the start of the program with all the detox essentials needed to start the first month.  Each month a new package arrives with detox essentials for that month only.  

*If Sunny's Book of Healing LLC doesn't get enough people for that two week period, those who signed up for the program prior will be rolled over into the new two-week period so we can get enough people.

You get to keep all content sent to you, however, you do not own the content.  You can use it for personal use but not to use for personal gain. 

Signature Group Healing Program


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