Once you read, electronically sign, return the legal forms, and make your first installment/payment, you will receive course content through email.  The Do-It-Yourself program runs 12-weeks through email.  You must have a working email to receive content weekly! 

Payments of $500 are made over the course of three months, totalling $1500. You will be billed every month for three months. 

In the first email, you will receive ~14 pdf's, 5 audios, and 2 videos to get you started.  No joke.  It's a lot and you will have to take some time to review the materials before beginning.  Take all the time you need.  Motivational audios will be key to keeping you going in hard times so you'll receive a few of those throughout.  Emails will be delivered EVERY week to keep you on track including a new 'follow-along' EFT audio each week and a new grocery list pdf.  At the end of each month, you will receive a pdf of 'needed detox products' for the next month that you need to order for yourself.  Also, an updated Master Checklist will be sent each month to keep you on track and so you can see the full picture/visual. 

You get to keep all content sent to you, however, you do not own the content.  You can use it for personal use but not to use for personal gain.

If you are stuck, scared and need help, or have hit a plateau, you can schedule a "Breakthrough Session" for $75 with me to assist you in getting over the hump.

Do-It-Yourself Program


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