What is Detoxification?

True detoxification is a system of using natural means to purge the body of toxins, poisons, and the layered mucoid plaque leftover from rancid foods and wrong diet in the digestive tract. A body that is already full with all manner of putrefying matter in the bowels and layer upon layer of choking plaque has no way to heal. The body is overloaded, can barely function (dis-ease), and cannot self-heal. Unfortunately, this is our current state of health in the world. Self-healing, though, is a birthright! We are NOT born to suffer and 'get' diseases in our lifetimes, unless karmically so. The latter, only you can know. Our bodies already know how to self-heal and with a clear system of detoxification that you can use, your body will heal. All you have to do is start emptying your cup with a detoxification system, and you will see that the body comes alive again, purging itself of things you had no idea were in your body.

Detoxification is not for the faint of heart. The warrioress in you needs to emerge fighting for yourself, willing to take full responsibility for your health, and allowing the process to unfold for you specifically, uniquely, in your own time, and in your own way. Allowing is the big thing here...if you choose to fight detox, it will be THAT much harder to regain health.

All systems must be on board the healing train - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual! If you've got an attitude, bye-bye. Sunny's Book of Healing isn't the place for you. Know-it-all? Bye-Bye. Sunny's Book of Healing is a place to learn as a student.


“If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.”

~Zig Ziglar

~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Detoxification happens on all levels - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual! First you will see that things are coming out of you that you were unaware could actually live inside you, then you will possibly begin to be quite emotional, moody, uncovering emotional hurts you experienced that are wanting to be healed and released for good, then you will question why this way of healing is not known about and get deep into the system I've laid out researching every lead, possibly transitioning into a whole new paradigm of health and healing (a way of thinking and feeling), and there may even be a spiritual awakening towards the end of your journey as you build a new life with a new outlook and a new sense of what health actually is. It is ALL UP TO YOU. I am the guide, not the doer for you.Detoxification is not a pill. It is not fast. It is not lazy. It is not instant-gratification. Detoxification is a system that will push you to the limits of what you think you can handle and then go further. You can ease up, slow down if things get too rough, and then begin again...ever pushing onwards towards your destiny. Hey I get it, life moves fast, you've got kids, a husband who eats the Standard American Diet (SAD) and won't give it up and you are the family cook, you are debilitated and in bed, you're a single parent, you work two jobs, you don't have time. Will you have time when you are dead? It seems to me all these excuses are a way to subconsciously sabotage yourself into an early grave. I invite you step off the mouse wheel of life and actually take a good hard look at this IC condition you've gotten yourself into and take a gander at where you think you might be headed. IC is a serious health condition and if not treated properly, could lead to bladder cancer, bladder removal, and an early death. Yes this is scary and also the truth. Hey I get it, you've got to get through the holidays and then you'll start, after Tommy's birthday party, when things slow down, after the wedding, you are the only thing holding it all together - the structure of the family, the food-maker, the taxi for sports practices, the household manager. Who's going to do that when things get worse for you? Who's going to do that when you are dead? Who's going to be the household manager then? We women are such self-sacrificing martyrs, aren't we? We put everyone first before ourselves. Friend, please listen because it's time to put yourself first for once! It's time to reorganize the way you live your life and make room for healing. Yes, yes it is. You are capable of doing this, otherwise you would not have IC. Someone thinks you need a major shift in life and thinks you are fully capable of making it. Is it your higher self? Your higher power? Only you can decide that. The power of FREE-WILL is your hands my lovely and there are people just waiting for you to decide to take the next step. We're all here waiting for you. I implore you to take the next step!
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