My Signature "IC Healing" Green Smoothie

Like all great stories, this one has its elements that verge on the supernatural and parts where you can exclaim 'you can't prove it!' But this IS my story of how this recipe came to be nonetheless!

I had been suffering with the pain of IC for close to a year. I had tried The Master Cleanse, water fasting, various supplements and healing modalities and nothing had worked. I was in that phase of suffering most medical personnel need you in to keep you coming back for "treatments." I would have done anything to get out of pain but I knew what the medical paradigm held for me.... and that was continued pain while they farted around with blinders on, happily accepting money I didn't have! Having been orphaned at thirteen and having to fight my way through life as a group of one, instead of lovingly supported by what was left of my family, this wild red-haired lady wasn't going to accept 'pain and suffering' as my life-long fate! Familiar with doing it all on my own, and having a knack for scientific research and self-study, I searched for a way to heal naturally ... UNTIL I FOUND A WAY!

After some time working with the ingredients and elements of this new way, trying this and that, I settled on my signature smoothie that has brought many a warrioress back from the brink of hell. Now here's where divine intervention happened.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, who experiences what detoxing and cleansing can do to a body becomes like a madwoman running around trying to tell the world that we've been duped by the medical/industrial/pharmaceutical complex and that there is a better way. So like a bolt of lightening one day, standing there in my little studio apartment, I got a download from Source that said to find a way to tell the masses about this! It said that I must help end the suffering and tell the truth. Source chooses people who have a high likelihood of accomplishing the mission - that was me. The only free place I could think of to reach the masses was youtube and so I started a channel and began uploading one video after the next about one month into my own healing journey. I didn't know where I was going, how long it would take to heal, if true healing was in the cards for me, or anything else the future held. I was given a revelation and I decided to trust in Source to lead the way. When that was decided, the spinach leaves were laid out for me and all I had to do was pick them up and eat them.

Click this link to see the video which contains my signature IC Healing Green Smoothie recipe:

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