Sunny Morrow, Detoxification Specialist

The video on your left is me talking about the paradigm from which I healed which is very different from the paradigm that most people live in.  I don't function in the same system or way of thinking that the medical system functions in and so I try to describe here what healing is all about in this different and new way to think about helaing.

I was one of the very first people who developed a system for healing Interstitial Cystitis (IC) naturally and among only two or three women who said IC could be healed naturally. 

Prior to and during my healing journey, I had absolutely no training in raw foods or detoxification! Then how did I figure out how to heal myself?! I listened to my internal compass and to Source and they led the way through my healing journey. In order to help others though, I felt had to get formal training and so I endeavored to become certified as a Raw Foods Nutrition Coach, Raw Foods Lifestyle Coach, and Raw Foods Chef. Then a few years later I became certified as a Detoxification Specialist and became trained in Iridology.

My academic training is as a Wildlife Biologist (undergrad) and a teacher (graduate) with a certificate in Waldorf teaching. I'm Reiki level II certified and can teach Spiral Dynamics (levels of consciousness) as a "Spiral Wizard."  On my own, I've been studying Ecology, herbalism, wild edible and medicinal plants, herbal folklore, the spirituality of plants, Biodynamic gardening, making my own medicine, wilderness survival, Native American philosophy, and Buddhism. I love to learn and I hope you do to.